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    UVALUX offset inks are a full range of cutting edge products for both web and sheetfed applications

    Zeller+Gmelin continues to establish new performance standards for UV lithographic printing inks. We offer a full range of both Sheetfed and Web inks to exceed your expectations. For day after day consistency and excellence in print applications, or outstanding performance on difficult substrates, there is a UVALUX product designed to meet your requirements. Free Radical Low Migration and LED sustainable inks are all recent additions to our portfolio. All Zeller+Gmelin inks aim to reduce environmental impact. Maintaining this core design criteria is a critical element in the graphic reproduction chain, we work closely with all aspects of the print cycle to ensure maximized ink performance is achieved.

      • Lithography 20 Series

        UVALUX® 20 Series – an evolution of enhancements have been built into the industries benchmark Web performance products. Also used for Sheetfed applications where economies are required.

        Download 20 Series Brochure
      • Lithography 22 Series

        UVALUX® 22 Series – utilizing the latest technological advances while addressing the ever challenging/changing web market, the UVALUX 22 SERIES provides extraordinary transfer, reduced water settings and easy clean up, resulting in faster make ready’s and less down time.

        Download 22 Series Brochure
      • Lithography 24 Series

        UVALUX® 24 Series – new product introduction, formulated to exceed the Web News market segment demands. This Series is rapidly becoming the new standard for this industry.

        Download 24 Series Brochure
      • Lithography 44 Series

        44 Series – inks represent the very latest electron beam curing
        technology for lithography printing. Formulated to
        functionally eliminate the on-press performance gap
        between conventional and EB ink systems.

        Download 44 Series Brochure
      • Lithography 92 Series

        UVALUX 92 SERIES – Uvalux P5 represents 5 key criteria’s:  Press Performance, Print Performance, Power Performance, Price Performance and Productivity Performance!  Uvalux P5 is an ultra-high performance sheetfed UV ink offering significant performance gains.

        Lithography 92 Series
      • Lithography 95 Series

        UVALUX® 95 Series – Sheetfed UV Ink Series capable of handling all but the most intractable plastic surfaces, without the need for a prime coat. Recommended to meet or exceed your  requirements.

        Download 95 Series Brochure Download 95 Series Spanish Brochure

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