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    Featuring the strongest pigmentation available for faster Cure Speeds with exceptional adhesion are all benefits formulated into our UV Curable packaging lines.

    Zeller+Gmelin offers several unique product lines for packaging. While this listing is a snapshot of our offerings, please let us know of any specific needs or specialized requirements. We staff a full team of chemists available to formulate the ink to fit the application precisely. Whatever the application, we offer a complete line for your packaging needs.

      • Dry Offset 77/78 Series

        77/78 Series –  Enhanced to achieve increased adhesion at the highest press speeds, with minimal power consumption. This combination produces a more energy efficient product than ever before.

        Download 77/78 Series Brochure Download 77/78 Series Spanish Brochure
      • Dry Offset 77/78 Series – Spanish

        Ecológicas y limpias…. Las nuevas Tintas Offset Seco SERIES 77/78 han sido formuladas para imprimir a alta velocidad con un mínimo gasto de energía, resultando así en un producto más eficiente que nunca.

      • Dry Offset 79 Series

        79 Series – Economical alternative formulated for printing on HDPE pails and plastic containers.

        Download 79 Series Brochure
      • Lithography 95 Series

        UVALUX® 95 Series – Sheetfed UV Ink Series capable of handling all but the most intractable plastic surfaces, without the need for a prime coat. Recommended to meet or exceed your  requirements.

        Download 95 Series Brochure Download 95 Series Spanish Brochure
      • NUVAFLEX® 34 Series

        NUVAFLEX® 34 Series – if your goal is to reduce your costs while improving performance and enhancing the quality of your products, the 34 Series is your answer. Minimizing ink consumption through running thinner ink films, increasing  press speeds and using less energy on press all add up to real cost savings with NUVAFLEX® 34 Series.

        Download 34 Series Brochure Download 34 Series Spanish Brochure
      • NUVAFLEX® 36 Series

        NUVAFLEX® 36 Series – First generation.  Please see new 30 Series for LM Low Odor inks.

        Download 36 Series Brochure Download 36 Series Spanish Brochure
      • Screen 38/39 SERIES

        NUVASCREEN 38/39 Series – UV Rotary Screen Inks designed to extend the benchmark of UV Rotary Screen quality, mileage and application.

        Download 38/39 Series Brochure Download 38/39 Series Spanish Brochure

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